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Travel stories from China and around the world.

Lost in Laowai Land

I originally published this article in August of 2013 while home in Prince Edward Island for the first time in 5 years and after having lived in Shanghai for 4 years. A few years have passed since that time and in a month I am once again going home. Right …

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In Search of Mark Kitto

Forward: I originally published this on January 5th 2013 after my first visit to Moganshan on two blog sites I used to run. I’m republishing my best work here. Enjoy! Journey to Moganshan The Decision My first encounter with Moganshan and Mark Kitto came about a few years ago when …

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LaoShan for the Holidays: Day 2

*Click here for Day 1 Having had a terrible night’s sleep, quite unsure if it was good enough to qualify as “terrible”, we exited our hotel and went down to the bay where the crowd was steadily growing delivered by a long line of “free” buses. We went to a …

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LaoShan for the Holidays: Day 1

Usually on Chinese national holidays, I stay comfortably put in Shanghai and do not travel anywhere. The two major reasons for this are, Shanghai sheds itself of about 8 million people on National Holidays, no one wants to come here it seems, which makes the city almost peaceful and quiet. …

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Escape from Shanghai Part 2: Xiamen

Part 3, Part 1 Finally we were in Xiamen, although 7 hours behind schedule thanks to China Eastern. We went outside and quickly found a taxi to take us into the city. Driving along Xiamen’s streets it was quite clear that the city is in the process of getting a massive …

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