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China Defends Patriotic Education Brainwashing

Today, September 18th, China’s People’s Daily, (a state run propaganda rag) launched a fierce attack on the Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times for recent articles they have published. If there is one thing the Chinese Communist Party cannot stand is publications out of their control in barbarian western nations. They also cling to their woefully inept and distorted version of history as the fairy tales told to China’s youth are one of the only things that ensures future Party rule in the Middle kingdom.

September 18th was chosen as it was the day of the Mukden incident where Japanese forces are alleged to have blown up a railway as pretext for invading China (Or liberating from its undeveloped sate.). History is written by the victors after-all, and on such an occasion the victors (Who were not really victorious over the Japanese anyway as that feat was accomplished by the Americans and Russians.) cannot let truth cloud their exalted positions built on ignorance and lies, aka. Patriotic Education.

Starting with:

“The Japanese Kwantung Army deliberately attacked military stations and Shenyang in northeast China and began a frenzied war of aggression. This “Incident” was also the starting point of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War. Sons and daughters of one mind, united against the common enemy, met the national crisis, and ultimately won the war…”

The People’s Daily article continues to sate:

“History is an objective reality, history is the best textbook…”

At this point, if you have any understanding of modern Chinese history, you should be rolling on the floor with laughter! China won WW2! That’s a good one, but twice as funny when followed by the absurd fallacy that “History is an objective reality.”!  Really folks, you can’t make this shit up. The “objective reality” in China is that the Chinese and their peasant leaders are hopelessly ignorant and downright ridiculous. Saying Chinese were “united” against the Japanese is about as historically accurate as saying the Party founded the Republic of China!

So, when Western publications who’s authors have more common sense and probably a much better understanding of Chinese history publish on the topic of state sponsored brainwashing, we get this from the Party mouthpiece:

“Some doubts and even slander have come forth quietly… The subtext of such reports by the US’ Wall Street Journal and the UK’s Financial Times is that China should change perspective on historical propaganda, no longer engage in propaganda on its humiliating history and should keep up with the times. What absurd logic!” 

So just what did The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal say to so enrage the intellectual midgets running the world’s most populous prison? The WSJ never really criticized Patriotic education at all. They merely attempted to explain the Chinese national obsession with humiliation and victim-hood. The article starts with:

“Accustomed as we are in the West to histories that begin with triumph—the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the storming of the Bastille—it may seem strange that China, the fast-rising dynamo of the East, marks the beginning of its journey to modern nationhood in a very different way: with the shock of unexpected defeat and the loss of national greatness.”

And it is true, we don’t understand why a nation would make as its foundation a myth of humiliation at the hands of foreign powers. But then again, we are not a nation of overly proud and woefully ignorant peasants either. Maybe that explains it? In our foundation myths, we are the creators of our states and the masters of our destinies. The Chinese, on the other hand, whether modern or ancient history, are the powerless receivers of fate. History is something that happened to them by the uncontrollable outside world. In psychological terms, the Chinese and China have an “external locus of control”… The eternal victims. (Maybe that’s why Chinese are one of the unhappiest people on the earth?)

The Financial Times goes farther. They not only take direct aim at Chinese “education”, they tie it to very current realities and events, like the mobs of morons attacking Japanese cars and their owners last year in a CCP orchestrated “Moment of Hate”.

“After 21-year-old Cai Yang was arrested in September for beating a Toyota-driving Chinese compatriot with a bicycle lock during an anti-Japanese protest, his mother tried to explain his actions.

“The education at school always instils the idea that Japanese are evil people and if you turn on the television most of the programmes are about the anti-Japanese war,” Yang Shuilan said. “How can we possibly not resent the Japanese?””

And the FT article rightly comes to the conclusion that:

“The selective teaching of history – emphasising the brutality of foreign invaders and ignoring atrocities or mistakes by China’s leaders – is intended to boost the party’s legitimacy by cultivating a nationalistic, anti-western victim mentality among young Chinese.”

The article continues on to point out that the end result of Patriotic Education has been the Chinese people’s support of their country’s escalating belligerence with its Asian neighbors. The political dividends for China’s illegitimate dictators is that the Chinese people rather than focusing their anger and frustration due to their poor lot in life towards those responsible, the Party and its minions, they are focusing it outwards on the ever present “other”. Goebbels couldn’t have orchestrated the masses any more efficiently. Of course the FT article does not come out and say this as they aren’t quite so brave, but instead focuses on the possibility of war, particularly with Japan.

I for one do not think the Chinese will go to war with Japan. The main reason is I think they are smarter than that. I could be wrong however, but in that case, Japan would win with or without the assistance of the US. One thing’s for certain though, the only allies China would have would be North Korea and Pakistan. Everyone else would be their enemy. China wouldn’t last long. No, I think the Party wants to maintain their ill gotten monopoly over the world’s largest population. That’s all any dictatorship ever wants, to continue to dictate, to control, and to enslave the people they claim to govern for their own personal gain. It is no coincidence that 90+% of the rmb billionaires in China are Party members and officials. That’s by design.

So of course they rail against Western newspaper pointing out the painfully obvious, that the Party manipulates people through the promotion of historical humiliation at the hands of evil outsiders. It’s exactly what the Nazis did in Germany leading to WW2.

Chinese people for the suffering caused by the war with unforgettable memories, with the tireless pursuit of peace, cherish peace and stable life.”

If you watch “Triumph of the Will”, you’ll notice Hitler consistently preached about peace too…

We want this people to be peace-loving, but at the same time to be courageous. And you must, for that reason, be both peace-loving…You must be both peace-loving and strong…” 

The People’s daily article ends with:

“Looking back at history, look to the future, we must not forget national humiliation, alarm bells ringing, but also to strengthen our confidence, unity and struggle for the realization of national prosperity and revitalization of the Chinese dream of bettering people’s happiness ahead.”

A Nazi couldn’t have said it better!

(Note: I recently showed “Triumph of the Will” to my Chinese girlfriend. Her response: “It’s just like China!”)

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  1. i think similar types of brain washing occurs in the usa. everywhere i look, they are saying “support the troops”, even though the troops are killing innocent people. how many people are out there questioning why we should support these troops?

    • Sure, there’s some of that in every country. Just the belief in the possessing “nationality” takes a considerable amount of unnatural mind bending. But it is different in China. In China, the entire society and state has been shaped for one purpose only, to serve the Party and to ensure its continued existence. 1.2 billion people toiling their lives away only to support their dungeon masters who rape the country for all its worth!

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