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Gamification: What is it?

This a short video I made on Gamification Theory. You may be surprised that it’s not just about video games but that gamification affects much of our lives. Whether it is our newest app, our education, or our jobs, gamification plays a role. It also makes video games and just …

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My Identity in Bits and Bytes

The readings from my MA program are quite good. I especially enjoyed Confronting the challenges of participatory culture: Media education for the 21st century. Jenkins, H (2009). It never really got me thinking about my own identity however, but helped me understand the challenges to employing digital media in education …

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Shanghai Story 4: Mary’s English Lesson

Mary’s English Lesson Mary arrived at work early, the same as any other work day except this was her day off and her boss had asked it to work it again. “Don’t worry”, he had said, “You can replace your rest day with a work day next week.”, but this …

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Shanghai Story 3: Jerry Takes Control

Jerry Takes Control Another normal day greeted Jerry as he left his home in darkness. It was a 5 story walk-up where he slept in the same room he did as a kid, except now he was 25 and had to share it with his grandmother. He wore a long …

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Shanghai Story 2: Ruby’s Big Break

Ruby’s Big Break Ruby works for a local massage parlor, not the seedy pink lighted type, a real massage parlor that offers only massages. Coming from a humble countryside background, she immigrated to Shanghai at 17 to seek out work as her family couldn’t, or more accurately, wouldn’t afford to …

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