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I live in China and therefore, I write a lot about China. This is China. This is what I see, know, and feel.

Training for Learning

I wrote this for my university MA program. Here you will find a little bit about my life and my training and teaching philosophy. In my daily work, well, in most of my daily work, I am in training sessions training 20 to 30 teachers to teach pre-school to grade …

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Lost in Laowai Land

I originally published this article in August of 2013 while home in Prince Edward Island for the first time in 5 years and after having lived in Shanghai for 4 years. A few years have passed since that time and in a month I am once again going home. Right …

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In Search of Mark Kitto

Forward: I originally published this on January 5th 2013 after my first visit to Moganshan on two blog sites I used to run. I’m republishing my best work here. Enjoy! Journey to Moganshan The Decision My first encounter with Moganshan and Mark Kitto came about a few years ago when …

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China Defends Patriotic Education Brainwashing

Today, September 18th, China’s People’s Daily, (a state run propaganda rag) launched a fierce attack on the Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times for recent articles they have published. If there is one thing the Chinese Communist Party cannot stand is publications out of their control in barbarian western …

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China’s safe, right?

As with most things in life, it depends on how you define the terms, in this case “safe”. Pretty much any Chinese main-lander you talk to, both at home and abroad, will say “China is a safe country”. Most expats living here will also agree, “China is safe”. If you are talking …

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China’s True Face: Fascism

Although the ruling dictators still hold to their “Communist” name, in reality they and China are anything but. Who they really are is Fascists and China is the world’s most populous fascist sate. One doesn’t have to look very long or hard before the first signs of China’s Fascist nature …

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