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China’s Economy: Is it as good as everyone thinks?

Neither I nor anyone really doubts that China has a good economy. Everyone the world over has become familiar with China’s economic growth especially during the past decade. Just type “China” into google news and see how many stories pop up on a daily bases about China’s economy. Whether positive …

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Will China Ever Develop?

What is “development” and where does it come from? I’m currently reading “Civilization: the West and the Rest” by Niall Ferguson in an attempt to answer the stated question of this blog entry, “Will China Ever Develop?” It seems to me the answer is “probably not”. The reason I come …

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From Behind Enemy Lines: The Internet in China

Every now and then a news story about the repression of freedom of online information access, internet censorship, in China breaks the news in the West. Recently it was Google who posted a somewhat boring and definitely not newsworthy video about how their search engine, when searching Chinese phrases, gets …

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