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China’s True Face: Fascism

Although the ruling dictators still hold to their “Communist” name, in reality they and China are anything but. Who they really are is Fascists and China is the world’s most populous fascist sate.

One doesn’t have to look very long or hard before the first signs of China’s Fascist nature rear their ugly heads. Look a little deeper and you find fascism is all-pervasive in Chinese society. The very fact that the country is ruled by a single party unwilling to tolerate any other view, political, economic, or otherwise, which does not agree with its version of Chinese society is the first clue as to the true nature of the country. Dig a little deeper, but not much, and you are immediately inundated with the propaganda of China’s long and glorious past, a history that has been subverted and distorted to legitimize the ruling regime. On the ground, in schools and on the streets, state promoted anti-foreigner sentiment runs high. Any foreigner entering the country will at some point, probably within the first week, be regaled with lies and half-truths about the country’s supposed “great humiliation” and inevitable return to glory. Stay a bit longer and look a bit deeper and it becomes quickly apparent that from the upper echelons of the party all the way down to kids in kindergarten, China, its leaders, and its people have been feeding on a steady diet of racial superiority wrapped in the banner of national identity. A truly sick state of affairs indeed.

The Japanese Senkaku Islands

Over the past week China’s true fascist face has been displayed for all the world to see in regards to the Japanese Senkaku Islands (known as the Diaoyu Islands in China).

Historically speaking, China’s only substantiated claim is that in the 15th century a convoy of ships on their way to Okinawa noticed the uninhabited islands and noted them as landmarks on their maps. They never claimed them for the Chinese emperor, they never even set foot on them. In fact, until the US returned them to Japan it is possible that no Chinese had ever heard of them or set foot on them, but after their legal return to Japan by the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwanese activists have been known to illegally enter Japanese territory and stick flags in the dirt there. This of course has been a great opportunity for the Chinese Communists and their brainwashed subjects to display their fascist tendencies.

Sure there may be oil and gas under them and this is often used in international news publications as the cause for the ongoing dispute, but the real reason isn’t a fight to claim resources, the real reason is that China, like all fascist states, is undertaking a program of expansion. Chinese are out to acquire “living space” and just like the Nazis, are using faux historical claims as a pretext. This uninhabited island chain is only the first step as China actually claims all of Okinawa as its “indisputable territory”.

Like the South China Sea issue, history comes to the foreground. First in fallacious claims of historical boundaries, neither the islands in the South China Sea nor the ones off the coast of Japan were ever part of Chinese territory, and second in riling up nationalist sentiment against Japan in general because of perceived past aggression during WW2. Both the Italian and German fascists wove a national historical narrative around the basis of national humiliation to justify their expansion and resultant deaths of innocent outsiders. China is no different.

In response to Japan’s rightful arrest and deportation of Taiwanese and Hong Kong protestors, China has even gone so far as to claim that the treaty signed between the United States and Japan at the end of WW2 to be illegal. They simply state that they do not recognize it, therefore it doesn’t exist. The German fascists pulled the same sort of shenanigans in regards to reparations payments they were required to pay after WW1.

On the streets of China the other uglier side of fascism has once again shown its face in the form of massive anti-Japan demonstrations and rioting. The scenes of overturned Japanese cars and Japanese themed businesses coming under attack bring to mind Hitler’s “Crystal Night” where German brown shirts ran rampant against Jewish owned business in a display of fierce nationalism. The very fact that the average Chinese person who has absolutely no stake in the island dispute and would never benefit if they became part of China seems to have had no bearing on the actions of these protestors. They aren’t there for personal gain, they are their simply because they lack a true identity beyond that of the state, a situation every fascist government has dreamed of.

The individual has been so subverted in China that they are nothing if they are not Chinese. This has come about as a result of the government’s institution of “Patriotic Education” after the T-Square massacre. Through a steady diet of 5000 years of history (a lie), through to the evil West and the opium wars, to evil Japan in WW2 (more lies), Chinese people have become religious zealots where China, its history, and its future are concerned. Chinese people falsely believe that China developed on its own for 1000’s of years becoming the greatest civilization on the planet and that because of evil outsiders the country and its people lost their preeminence in modern times but through the leadership of the party they will someday regain their rightful place. The truth is, China never ruled the world, most of their culture is and was copied from neighbors (including things such as tea drinking, bronze working, and likely their written characters as well), they were defeated in the 18th and 19th centuries because their system is inherently weak and poorly organized, and it will never be able to regain its historical greatness because it never actually had it, like the islands off Japan. The idiots rioting in the street overturning their countrymen’s cars are so blinded by the governments bullshit about historical greatness that they are completely unaware that rather than advancing China down  the road to greatness, they are pushing it farther into the abyss.

Classical fascism is usually defined as necessarily having a strong charismatic leader. China did have such a leader, Mao, who presided over the greatest disasters and largest loss of life in Chinese, and perhaps human, history. Today they have the Party. A shadowy group who operates more like and Italian mob than a political party locked away safe from the Chinese people the preside over. Everything good that happens in China is promoted as being a result of its benevolent rule, and everything bad portrayed as an issue the Party will solve so long as Chinese people shut up and follow the Party. In every aspect it has taken the place of the necessary charismatic fascist leader, especially during international shows like that taking place on the Senkaku Islands these past few days.

Through the heavily controlled press, the Chinese government (aka The Party) has steadily provided a steady stream of “news (aka hate) for the Chinese people to consume. Article after article has appeared in the Chinese press about the Senkaku Islands, most recently about the Japanese protestors who arrived to plant their own nation’s flag there. The Commie rags that pass for newspapers have continually expressed their dissatisfaction with Japan and their support of the protests in China with statements such as this: ”It is totally reasonable and justifiable for any citizens to launch protests when their territorial sovereignty is trampled on.” Hahaha! Excuse me, but that’s a pretty hilarious statement. How could some downtrodden peasant in a Chinese landlocked city have his “territorial sovereignty trampled on”?  Did the Japanese protestors come to China and walk on a bunch of ignorant peasants?

China is Anti-Foreigner

The Current situation with the Senkaku Islands is only one example of China’s fascist core. Foreigners in China who have been here for a few years or so are usually quite aware at just how anti-foreigner China can be. How identity for the local Chinese is necessarily tied up and dependent on the illegitimate state and how average Chinese people feel personally attacked whenever any foreign country, press, or person criticizes China. Even I, for writing this blog, have received death threats from small-minded individuals insecure because of their inherent inadequacies. Like the government, the nation as a whole has a huge chip on its shoulder and when anything goes wrong in China, it is automatically blamed on outsiders. This can be in the form of masses of disgruntled locals attacking foreigners as happened in Zhengzhou this past Friday, or to government crackdowns on foreigners in general like after the video of the British guy who was supposedly raping a girl on a Beijing street went viral. Even old China hands like Mark Kitto have had enough of being a target of the Chinese government and the masses and has called it quits recently.

Whenever I get outraged at China’s pro-China anti foreigner bent, I usually consoled myself in the fact that China would fall apart if all the foreigners left. Everything modern in China you see today came from the outside world. The technologies, factories, and development are all a product of foreign, mainly Western involvement in China. If foreigners left and took their factories with them, China would wither and die.

Is a war with China possible?

War is definitely possible if government rhetoric on the subject and peasants “faith” is anything to go by. When contemplating war with China, something that appears to be more and more inevitable as China continues its fascist expansion, is that China would lose any war with the developed world, and lose badly at that. The first reason for this cheery prediction is that throughout history China has never won a war against a foreign power. Time and time again, weather against the Mongols, The Japanese, or the British, China has crumbled when faced with opposition from the outside. I can see no reason why this trend isn’t going to continue. Secondly, the Chinese military is essentially unskilled and inexperienced. Besides some fairly routine UN missions all the Chinese military has been doing for the past 60 years is fighting Chinese peasants and rolling over students. When faced with a real combatant, likely they’d turn and run or join the opposing force, just like they have always done.

In light of these historical facts, I think the West should be taking a more hard-line approach towards China. Whether it is islands off the coast of Japan, the South China Sea, or Tibet, Western powers should call China’s bluff and threaten military action. My prediction is that China and its government would suddenly become a lot quieter and a lot more agreeable.

The West is partly to Blame

After June 4th ’89 the Western world resolutely came together in condemnation of China’s corrupt and backward regime. Unfortunately, Deng’s response was to placate Western governments and subvert Western sensibilities by “opening up” China to foreign investment. The students at T-Square paid for Western business opportunity with their lives and the West hasn’t looked back since. Greed got the better of the west and China was able to continue its totalitarian rule and pay lip service to human rights and the rule of law.

Today it’s the same story. Western economies are greatly dependent on China as a result of our own mishandling of economic issues. Just like how greed got the better of us when we should have been punishing China and demanding regime change in the Early 90’s, the last 10 years, especially since the financial crisis of 2008 has seen the developed morally superior Western world increasingly become dependent on the continuation of the Chinese state. China has been on a steady debt buying spree and has effectively become the banker of the West’s faltering economies, but what’s of greater importance is that they have been allowed to invest heavily in Western government’s infrastructure projects and buy up key national companies and entire industries.

Across the Western world China has become a key player and owner in business to such an extent that the entire well-being of western nations may hinge on the intentions of the Chinese Communist Party. This is not a positive development by any stretch of the imagination. Western people should really be standing up and asking “Do we want a fascist state controlling or liberal democracies?”

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  1. Great Article…

    So true in many aspects…

    Kind odd no one commented on it…

  2. From a good article: China and Japan are stirring up an old animosity

    “The animosity is much older. For centuries China saw Japan as a vassal state and loftily accepted tribute from a people they regarded as inferior. In the 19th century, when Japan cast off its feudal system and modernised, the shock to China was the greater because of its historic contempt. When, in 1894, Japan defeated China militarily, the humiliation was felt across the nation. China set out to learn from Japan’s transformation but was powerless to prevent Japan’s imperial expansion and brutal occupation. Even after Japan’s defeat in 1945, Japan’s economic success and close relationship with the US perpetuated Chinese resentment.

    That Japan is the focus of popular rage in China today is less surprising, given this history, than the fact that until the late 1970s visiting Japanese were greeted in China with professions of friendship. It was only after the Chinese regime sent tanks to crush the Tiananmen democracy movement in 1989 that nationalist animosity became official policy.

    In the version of history elaborated after 1989, malign foreigners are China’s enemy and the cause of the century of “national humiliation” from the 1840s to the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949. “National humiliation” is now commemorated in scores of freshly built museums and taught to successive generations of school children.

    Among China’s enemies, Japan occupies a special place as a brutal territorial aggressor. China complains constantly, and unfairly, that Japan has failed to apologise for its war crimes; the visits of successive Japanese leaders to the Yasukuni shrine, with its unrepentant imperialist message, infuriates China every year.”

  3. i dont know, i only read a few lines from the section “Is a war with China possible” but all i see is total bullshit. Your “conclusion” of which “China has never won a war against a foreign power” is based on a “trend” from 3 examples. (which are all inappropriate, i’d say irrelevant but to make my point it’ll take too much to write)

    • Thanks for time and commitment, first to reading my blog article and second for making such a well informed response =oP I was thinking of invasions of China, 2 opium wars, the Japanese, the Mongols, and the Manchus all invaded successively. If you include defeats of China when they were invading others, the list becomes much greater. Burma, Vietnam, & South Korea all sucessfully repelled Chinese aggression. China did win a war against the country of Tibet, but China has never acknowledged a war took place, so it may not count. In the war with India, China did move the borders of China to where they wanted, but I wouldn’t actually call that a loss for India.

      Also it is important to note that China does not have a modern military structure. In China even the dumbest deckhand can be promoted to ship’s captain. There’s no commissioned class in Chinese military. This means that in times of war, especial;ly against developed countries, China’s military will have a no professional military leaders to organize its battles. China can spend all the money it has acquiring second hand aircraft carriers for example, but without anyone who knows how to use it in its Navy, it’ll become as useless in battle as a tit on a bull.

      • 1. Mongols

        After South Song and Mongol’s allied forces successfully defeated Jin dynasty in 1234, Mongol began to invade further down south and South Song was defeated by mongols at year 1279. Which means China held on against Mongols for almost half a century and one of the Mongol’s Khan was killed during the invasion.

        Comparing to Mongol’s invasion of Europe
        Battle of Mohi year 1241 the strongest knights of Europe from Hungarian kingdom
        and Poland were defeated by Mongols almost effortlessly… many cities had every peasant slaughtered which is too disgusting to go into details. However their Great Khan died back in Mongolia and the the siege forces and engineers were reallocated to song’s frontline, Europe survived.

        Thus, the Mongol invasion would be a totally irrelevant point since not only China but the world was defeated by it, including the arabic empire which u’ve fought centuries with. To summarise my point, using historic events from that far back as your example is not very wise. I’d say China was the only world superpower prior to the 13th century. Border dispute was never the greatest issue, most neighbour countries were defeated and became China’s tributary states, including: Xianbei(ancestor of mongols), Huns(Scourge of God), Turkic(ottoman empire) and so on. Only listing these 3 here since u should have a better understanding of them from your own history so i don’t have to discuss them here. I’d suggest you to look more into modern histories and make some points there. The 2 opium wars and the boxers rebellion etc fits into modern history category but still they are inappropriate examples, which is the next point i’m going to make

        • I look forward to your second point. I think the conditions; general disorganization, lack of experience and skill, and unearned pride, that lead to the Manchu (Qing) defeats are still alive and well in China and its military.

  4. This is nothing but a hatefull article to other nation and race. The very fact it self is invalid as it ignore historical fact.

    • The Chinese response to the Japanese? If so, then I agree.

      As far as race goes, if you believe in that sort of thing, I think the only race you could be talking about is the “Asian” one, of which Chinese and Japanese are equal members.

      In regards to “historical fact”, I fail to see what you are talking about. One historical fact I’d like to look into further in a future post is why the Japanese became so brutal after arriving in China? Something about China infected the Japanese in WW2, but what it was, I’ve yet to put my finger on. Perhaps that the Chinese were so obstinately proud when they had nothing to be proud of, perhaps the condescending way China viewed Japan (and still does), perhaps the shear brutality and inhumanity of Qing rule (many of the atrocities committed by Japanese were common place in China before they arrive, public beheadings and death of a 1000 cuts for example)… Not sure yet, but it is definitely an aspect of Japanese occupation that the Chinese have never had the fortitude to contemplate.

      • The Japanese was brutal because they have different kind of mindset that time and of course such thing could change nowdays just like how Japanese people change. So of course Chinese people also change just like everyone else. It’s supper silly to compare China today with Qin dynasty as today we are more develop human being and know what is right and what is wrong. If your going back to that day we can see that white people have extriminate other race such as the Indian people. Yet what i see is no different in Western country today. People such as the aboriginal people still suffer because of the western system. Your comment is quite ridicilous and pure harted just how u mention that Chinese people have achive nothing ect. I think is a good thing people have a pride of their nation, but your taking it to far that you offend other people nation. Stop pointing your finger on other, look at your self, whats to be proud of from a racist guy who post harted and insult other country, does that make you feel good? You think u are inferiour than us? You, sir are a really bad person, please change ur self and bring ur harted somewhere else.

        • By the way when I said historical fact of course has nothing to do with the old Dynasty as you can compare the old time and now. I was talking about Diayou island which is belong to China since historical time, and of course the Japanese and American threathy is invalid as it ignore the Chinese exsistence at all. Its historical prove that the island belong to China even in the Japanese museum they still keep the map from edo period which mark the island belong to Chinese dynasty.

          • It’s ironic that the only person to claim the islands as Chinese on a map was Japanese. Not even Chinese map makers did such a stupid thing. As for your “facts”, there are none. No proof beyond a misguided Japanese map that these islands ever fell under Chinese rule.

            Anyway, arguments about national boundaries based on history don’t work out so well… Go back 70 years and Shanghai belonged to the British, go back 200 years and China belonged to Manchuria, go back 4000 years and Western China belonged to Germans, go back 20,000 years and the world belonged to Africans. You see the problem yet???

            As for your slander against me being racist, since I do not believe in race, nor would I ever equate mainland Chinese as such, I have to disagree with your accusation. Also I am not a member of any race, and definitely not the Canadian race ;o)

            As for offending people, I have found in my experience that the ignorant to be the most easily offended. You can talk about bad things to do with Canada till the cows come home, and it’ll never offend me. Hell, I could do the same. The difference between you and me is that I was not brainwashed by a fascist education system like you were.

            By the way can you see the irony in these two back to back statements of yours? ” …historical fact of course has nothing to do with the old Dynasty as you can compare the old time and now. I was talking about Diayou island which is belong to China since historical time” Lol!

  5. Nice fantasy world you live in. Were you severely isolated as a child?

    • I live in China. That’s fantasy enough. Heil das partei, yes?

      • Heil whoever you want. Doesn’t change the fact that you have written a screed that would have made Hitler proud. What happened to you that turned you into such a spite filled soul?

        Wait, don’t tell me…..it’s the fault of the Chinese themselves that you seem so bigoted towards them.

        • China’s a Fascist country thanks to its Fascist Party. Don’t shoot the messenger for pointing it out.

          If the governments of the western world had any morals, they’d be launching a War against the Party to free the Chinese People. “Operation Chinese Freedom”

          • Right. But you are delusional! Didn’t you write in your frothing-rant that the west was morally superior? Yet, they have no morals?
            Plus, why would a bigot like yourself concern themselves with what is best for the Chinese people whom you hate?

          • Go ahead. Defend a corrupt regime by tossing insults. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

          • Who’s defending a corrupt regime? I’m questioning your integrity.

          • And your connection to reality.

          • Fine, question away. Do you what you want. Just a suggestion, if you do in fact disagree with me because of some facts you posses, why not present them instead of launching childish personal attacks? If you don’t think China is a Fascist sate, please present some evidence to the contrary. I did my part supporting the claim just using the Senkaku Islands reaction. There are links to other articles that make the same claim for various reasons, why not check them out too while you are at it? What I see in China, ultra-nationalism, anti-foreigner, national humiliation mythology, to name but a few, ft very neatly within the definition of fascism. If you see things in China that make you think it’s a free open democratic society (I can’t imagine it), or if you want to argue it is simply a single party totalitarian dictatorship but not really fascist, then please do. Follow any of this advise and I’ll consider renaming you 😉

  6. Why IN THE WORLD would a NATION BE CALLED FASCIST when they are trying to defend their OWN LAND???? IF China Claim that Australia belong to them i’m 100000% sure the western will go hysteria and start to assemble their forces and threathening China with Nuke, U KNOW HOW SILLY IS THISS???? And wait, not to mention that Australia was belong to Aboriginal in the first place but the imperial British did a good job supressing them using guns and torture, and even till today nothing has change. Yeahhh try to ignore this fact again and again it’s just how it reflect on u, old fat man with nothing to do but sitting im computer talking shit and creating harted between peoples, cant u see u are a fking LOSER?

    • Çhina’s “own land” is far smaller than anything depicted on maps today. In fact, about half of what is called the PRC is illegally occupied territory. China is claiming lots of other countries territory both at sea and on land. Claiming the Senkaku Islands or Tibet is no different than claiming Australia. And Western China belonged to white Germanic people long before any Chinaren showed up there. So, what’s your point?

  7. Imperial and Fascism, I see no different both are Evil, and till today we can see that still reflect on western people society. What can u say to a goverment or peoples who agree to solve everything with violence.

    • Does China not claim as its national boundaries those of the Manchu Empire? If that’s not imperialistic, I don’t know what is…

  8. And then u mention this u have a death threat and China is anti foreginers, Woww is that truee??? Pretty sure we live in western country and have face more discrimination and violence. Not to mention we face more murder,rape,robbery and many more bad things for being an Asian. And you say Chinese anti foreginers because they want you PEOPLE to stop making trouble in the street is wrong? Hey if u are in China do what Chinese PEOPLE do, dont bring ur negative culture on someone else country. I dont really want to see Drunken man on the street try to rape a girl or vandalize the street, not to mention they kill people too by driving drunk and get away without jail, back to their COUNTRY, Trully injustice INDEED.

    • The only people I see making trouble in Chinese streets is Chinese people. Have you seen something different? If so, please explain.

  9. Dear oh dear oh dear! You haven’t shown that China is a fascist state – how can I argue against an argument you have failed to illustrate? All you’ve done is rant a little bit about how much you dislike China and its people – that doesn’t make China fascist. It suggests you are a racist.

    Your “evidence” that a country of 1.3 billion is anti-foreigner consists of one link to a story about a normal response from a community to a man (who happens to be western) who abuses a local woman. That’s it? That ratio makes China into one of the most enlightened countries when it comes to accepting foreigners.

    the evidence won’t go away – you are completely off your rocker…and a hateful bigot.

    • Chinese aren’t a race, so it’s hard to make the racism claim.

      If you doubt China is anti-foreigner and fascist, might I suggest you do some research into Chinese Patriotic education and the myth of “National Humiliation”. Reads like a Nazi text book.

      Anyway, go ahead, rant away. I’d rather be accused of bigotry for speaking the truth then gain favor with a bunch of Xiaoren by being a China apologist.

      • Yet you talk about the Chinese like they are one race with one mind and no agency. You are starting to unravel.

        I’ll take your comment to mean that you are conceding – you haven’t shown that China is either fascist or anti-foreigner. It’s a figment of your petty imagination.

        Also, you are not being accused of being a bigot – it is the only logical conclusion that one could possibly draw from your rabid postings.

  10. Good Question:
    Isn’t China more “Fascist” than “Communist” now?
    Since China’s accession to the WTO, it has embraced corporatism, while it still is an expansionist power — whether or not it is expansionist cannot be debated; China still retains its colonies of Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Manchuria, as well as aggression against countries around the South China Sea, and its on-going building of a military far more powerful than any other military in the East Asian region, and even rivals US power in the region. As I understand it, a loose definition of Fascism is the combination of authoritarian rule and corporatism. Also, main tenet of Fascism, I believe, is aggressive expansionism, or at least military preparedness. On the other hand, “Communism,” while still authoritarian, should shun corporatism, even attempt to abolish money altogether, and it’s ultimate goal (in un-corrupted form) is to reach a state of permanent peace. It seems to me that China has swung more to the side of Fascism than of Communism. China doesn’t even have strong social programs (socialism emphasizes social welfare programs and is a close cousin of communism) — even America has free K-12 education! (China used to have free pre-college education, but now the people must pay for it.) So, shouldn’t the “Chinese Communist Party” (CCP) change its name to the “Chinese Fascist Party” (CFP) ? I would like to know if this has occurred to other people, or am I dead wrong and don’t know anything?

  11. I like how two different Chinese nationalist 50 centers are the main ones commenting on this blog. Fairly typical.

    I agree with you, China is turning into a semi modern fascist state. The implications are scary once they reach the point where they “feel” as if their military is capable of standing up to the west. Their playing with racial superiority will only result in us revisiting the horrors of Nazi Germany and WWII.

    Unfortunately the West’s current lethargy will all but make certain that we repeat the mistakes of our ancestors. After all, which Western country would be willing to stand up to China in retaliation for their recklessness? Contrary to popular wisdom that trade and globalization would open up China, we have instead become too invested in the status quo and paralyzed to any real action. We have allowed them to gain a dangerous amount of leverage over us through our trade liberalization.

    Only time will tell what will truly happen, hopefully for the better.

  12. while the article makes some valid points, if you look at one key ingredient of fascism – to portray things in a black and white manner, with the good guys on the one side and the bad on the other – this article comes dangerously close to being fascist itself.

  13. I sorry for interrupting,but can you give me some precisely informations…?
    I would like to know,how many people today are working in multinational companies(corporations) in China,like : Volksvagen,Siemens,Boeing,Samsung,Ericson,GW,Lenovo,ENC,Nokia,Microsoft,Apple,Foxon,General Motors,Ford,Poing,Molex,Motorola,Carole Cable,Avon,AudioVox,Audi Motors,Cobra Electronics,Coca Cola Foods,Cooper Tire…
    Can you tell me in which conditions they are working ?
    What is their monthly wage ??
    How much time they spend in the work (8,10,12 hours) ???
    How much they earn in one day ?
    And how many multinational companies(corporations) are working there today ?
    And can you tell me,how many people are working in that companies ( 1,50,100,1000 million people ) ?????

    I am sorry if i disturbed you,but i would like to know all this informations…
    So if you want to be kind to tell me…

  14. Hey Kalanstar, I’ve just realized you’ve started up your blog somewhere new. I also see that you haven’t changed your views one bit.

    While I generally agree that modern China presents many aspects of fascism, and that the nationalistic propaganda people are subjected to all the time can be quite revolting, I also think that your article is far too simplistic and makes some grossly exaggerated claims. I feel especially obliged to point out that your claim that the Chinese “probably” copied their written characters from their neighbours is total hogwash. There is no academic basis for this claim. Chinese ancient culture is as fascinating as it is problematic, but just writing off tout court is not very useful.

    • This is actually an old post. I’ve not written anything on China in years.

      As for the characters, I came across that info in Peter Hessler’s”Oracle Bones” when he was interviewing a Chinese expert on the language. It is quite possible Chinese ancestors created the characters, but it is also possible they copied them. I’ve not seen any evidence either way.

      • If they did copy them, they copied something very primitive, which only formed the very first blueprint of the characters as we know them today. I think it’s still reasonable to claim that the characters are a Chinese invention; and I’m not at all sure if this is something the Chinese should be proud about. Sticking to characters, when every other civilization adopted far more practical phonetic scripts? Not a good idea.

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