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Donald Trump is good for the world. A Shanghai BIG Debate.

On August 23rd in a Shanghai bar, I had the opportunity to once again to debate in support of Donald Trump’s presidency. And ounce again, just like before the election, the Trump side won. It was all part of BIG Debates Shanghai ongoing monthly debate platform where expats and locals come together to debate topics on a global scale (pssst, we can’t really talk about anything locally important when it comes to any contentious issue because repressive regime with no freedom of speech etc.), and if anything it is global in significance theses days and probably for the next 7 years, it’s Trump.

Unlike the earlier debate, highlights of which you can see here, which focused on allegations of misogyny and other bullshit, this one took on a more realistic and less fanatic tone. It is interesting to come together and share such differing opinions in front of an alcohol fueled crowd and no fights broke out. If only a debate like this could take place in America….


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