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Hitting kids… Is this still a debate???

Is it still socially and politically correct to hit kids, even your own? I thought it wasn’t… at least not in the developed West at least. On May 24th 2017 I was a front-liner on a Big Debate on this very topic entitled, “Hitting your children in acceptable.” I argued against the motion, naturally. I’m not sure I argued very well as my side lost the debate in the end. As far as debates go, this was one of the quietest ones I’ve witnessed. Afterwards, many came forward to share their stories, however, they were never comfortable enough to speak out from the audience during the debate. This is the only debate I’ve lost actually, and I wonder if I am just too progressive and the world hasn’t caught up with me, or maybe Shanghai’s expat crowd are far more conservative than I had imagined. Also, perhaps Chinese society that has virtually no child protection laws and domestic violence is not subject to any legal repercussions (since 2016 if a spouse beats the other and the police get involved, the matter is to be handled by the guilty party’s HR department) played into my defeat as many in the audience were local Chinese.

If you have a couple hours to spare and are interested in this topic and how people justify it, have a watch.


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