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Lost in Laowai Land

I originally published this article in August of 2013 while home in Prince Edward Island for the first time in 5 years and after having lived in Shanghai for 4 years. A few years have passed since that time and in a month I am once again going home. Right …

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China’s Economy: Is it as good as everyone thinks?

Neither I nor anyone really doubts that China has a good economy. Everyone the world over has become familiar with China’s economic growth especially during the past decade. Just type “China” into google news and see how many stories pop up on a daily bases about China’s economy. Whether positive …

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Shanghai Story 5: Sammy Feeds the Masses

Sammy Feeds the Masses Sammy moved to Shanghai, like so many others have over the last decade, for a better life. Born after the end of the civil war and becoming a man in Mao’s China hadn’t been an easy life to say the least. Now things were good though. …

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Shanghai Story 4: Mary’s English Lesson

Mary’s English Lesson Mary arrived at work early, the same as any other work day except this was her day off and her boss had asked it to work it again. “Don’t worry”, he had said, “You can replace your rest day with a work day next week.”, but this …

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